Friday, August 9, 2013



I know now my worth! I'm born to be successful! No matter what, it will happen! And it's happening. I'll be forever thankful for the opportunity Frontrow is giving us. Sooooooo lucky and blessed. God really provides, He really do. It's just up for us if we take it for granted. God shows us the way,  it's for you to travel. :) And now I'm headed to one ultimate crystal clear goal: TO BE SUCCESSFUL!

Thank you Father God for giving me very supportive uplines and lovable team. :) :) Grabe! I can't hide how grateful I am. :)

Monday, August 5, 2013


I was surprised! I am CHANGED.
I have changed!
My life has CHANGED.

I was browsing my previous blog posts, read and reread. An idea came out my mind, I'm no longer the old MUTYA SANCHEZ. All my thoughts, philosophies, even my character have changed. I was just like a rat living in a rat race. I was just a nowhere-to-run-to girl who seeks peace and love and greatness. I admit I was one of those busy people walking around with a meaningless life, seem half-asleep doing things I thought are important but then chasing the wrong things. I was of those living in the tension of opposites.



I know now how to DREAM. I learned that LIFE is so great. I know now how to live by the day, to cherish every fleeting moments in my life. I can see myself in the future...and it's so crystal clear. I am now determined to get those. No one can stop me now in achieving those, NO ONE. And I am close!

And that I am thankful with FRONTROW.


Thursday, January 3, 2013


There existed a technical problem here in my blog site. All pictures was deleted. Errr!!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012


Everything has changed... not for the better but for the best.


More posts to follow! See you!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Christmas Wishlist

Sampung araw na lang, maligayang pasko na pala. At dahil diyan, kailangan ko nang bumuo ng Christmas wish list para kung sakaling mabasa mo ito, alam mo na kung ano ang gusto kong regala. LOL! Sige na. Pagbigyan mo na ako. Ngayon lang naman ako gagawa ng wish list sa buong buhay ko. Dati kasi wala akong pakialam kung anong iregalo sa akin, at mas gusto ko ang cash. Pero ngayon, para maiba naman, di lang cash ang wish ko, dadagdagan ko pa! Ito ang wish list ko:

  • GE X500
Ito na ang cheap na camera na gusto ko... ang dating Nikon DSLRs na pangarap ko, ayun pangarap pa din. Kaya eto nalang. :D

  • Samsung Galaxy Y
  • Ang android phone na gusto ko. I told you, simple lang ang gusto ko. Hindi na ako nangangarap ng Blackberry. :)
  • Wedges
Gusto ko ngayon. Gusto ko nang maging girly. :D
  • Paulo Coelho's Aleph and 2012 Planner
At dahil fan ako ni Paulo Coelho, gusto ko nito.
  • Umbrella
Haha! Wala kasi akong sariling payong. Eversince! I hate bringing umbrellas. Lagi ko lang naiiwanan. Pero this time, demand ko to eh. Kaya please, regaluhan niyo na ako ng payong. Yung folding at kasya sa bag ko. :D

  • One-inch baller with statements
Gaya gaya ako eh. Gusto ko rin nito. The more, the merrier! :D\
  • Acoustic Guitar
I am a trying hard musician-slash-singer-slash-musicwriter-slash-trying hard. Pagbigyan niyo na ako. Binigay ko na si Tara sa kapatid ko.

Oh ayan, binigyan ko na kayo ng hint kung ano ang gusto kong matanggap this Christmas. Sabi nga, giving is the essence of Christmas Day! LOL!